Leaf Collection Information

If there is any thing we have in abundance in Medford Lakes, it’s leaves. And they just keep coming! But, on the bright side, they provide us with cool shade in the summer and lot’s of exercise in the fall raking them up!  

All kidding aside, you can do yourself and the Borough a favor by composting leaves in place in a section of your property. You’ll save yourself the trouble of clearing leaves from those areas and save the Taxpayers the expense of Leaf Disposal.

Collection by Voting District

Leaf collection is by voting district. Each fall the order of the voting districts is rotated so that no particular district is always first or last collected. Your zone can be found below.

Find Your Collection Zone

Find your zone (PDF).

Leaf Collection

Vacuumed Leaf Collections -Unbagged leaves should be placed on edge of roadway to 6 feet back. Leaves and brush must be separated or will not be picked up.

Leaves must be out by the collection date to ensure that they will be picked up. If you miss the collection date, leaves can be dropped off on Saturday's at the DPW complex between 7:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. (proper resident identification required).

Brush Collection will begin on Monday May 13th
District Order (1,2,3,4)Fall Leaf & Brush Collections:

Leaf Collection will begin on October 15th, 2019
District Order (1,2,3,4)