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Posted on: February 22, 2018

What to Flush?

Medford Lakes Borough is one of the few communities in the Pines that has a Wastewater Facility.  When a community does not, septic systems are the typical alternative.  The benefits of a Wastewater Treatment Plant are many, with not having to deal with the stuff you flush at the top of the list!  It is true that many of us don't give a second thought to what we flush and the impact it has on our environment, and the equipment maintained with your tax dollars.  Things like "Flush-able" wipes, paper towels, food wrappers, dental floss, hairbrush hair, cooking oil and grease, and other paper based, cloth, and plastic products cause havoc at our plant.  These flushed items build up, and are commonly called "rags" in the Wastewater business.  Rags, consisting of the items mentioned earlier, clog pipes, jam pumps, and sometimes break equipment, and must be removed from the plant and are taken to a land fill. The YouTube video link below provides some information about what you should flush and what you shouldn't. 

Should You Flush It 

Remember to Think before you flush!

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