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Posted on: May 13, 2020

"Flushable" wipes and other hazards to your sewer pipes

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Sewer problems can happen when you least expect it.  With more people currently home, our Wastewater Plant is seeing an increase in flow, and a large increase in debris in the system.  The debris or "rags" consist of flushable wipes, cleaning wipes, personal hygiene products, plastic wrappers, hair, and other things that should not be flushed.  These items can clog your sewer lateral, costing you considerable money to fix.

According to our Wastewater Superintendent we are seeing 5 times as many rags in the system than the same time last year.  These rags must be physically removed from the plant.  Yes, that means an employee with a steel rake scrapes these rags out of the system every day, filling between 6 and 10 five gallon buckets.  Approximately 30-50 gallons of rags must be collected and disposed of in our trash truck, and then dumped in the land fill.  However, many get into the system causing thousands of dollars in damages.

Help your own pipes and ours by practicing "Flush 4".  What is "Flush 4"?  There are only 4 things that should be flushed.  I’ll try not to be too descriptive and give you some hints:  yellow, brown, upset stomach (vomit) and Toilet Paper.  That’s it, that’s the Flush 4!  If you must use wipes dispose of them in the trash can, or you may have a costly bill from a plumber to unclog your pipes!

To learn more about the havoc flushable wipes and other items wreak on our sewer system please view the videos below (they are scent free).

What You Should & Should Not Flush Down the Toilet | One Small Step

Mounds View ’Flushable’ Wipe Sewer Clog A Costly Fix

And remember FLUSH 4!


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