The Borough Registrar will be accepting appointments for a marriage application request in person during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Appointments can be made by contacting the registrar at 609-654-8898 prior to coming to the office.

  • The two applicants and witness must arrive to the Borough at the scheduled time:
    • They cannot have any signs or symptoms of the COVID-19 Virus
    • Must be wearing face covering
    • Adhered to Social Distancing when invited into Oaks Hall
    • Once the application has been taken we ask that everyone leaves the building

The State has waived the 72-hour wait period for picking up the marriage license, please remember we need time to process the license. I you are going to wait for the license you will have to wait outside the building.

The State has also given license expiration extension to 90 days.

  • For Ceremonies done by live feed:
    • The couple, 2 witnesses and officiant must all be in New Jersey
    • The couple, 2 witnesses and officiant must all be on the same live video call
    • The officiant must be provided the license beforehand and be able to perform the ceremony via video call
    • At the end of ceremony, the officiant will view the id for party and witnesses and proceed to sign the license indicating the place of marriage to be the location of the officiant within New Jersey.
    • The officiant may scan or fax a copy of the license to the witnesses who will then sign the form
    • If the original document cannot be returned by mail to the registrar, a completed scanned, or faxed version of the form will be sent to the local registrar office where the officiant recorded the place of event on the form.


Responsible for registering all births, civil unions, domestic partnerships, marriages and deaths in the Borough of Medford Lakes.

The following information pertains to Vital Statistics: