Emergency Management

Emergency Management is, hopefully, a preparation function. It involves the development of an emergency plan which will be effective when a full scale emergency plan or disaster of any type affects Medford Lakes. The preparation for an emergency involves the training of all the organizations which may be called upon to work together to prevent or mitigate injury to residents and property. 

Organizations that Make Up the Team

The organizations which make up the Medford Lakes emergency team include: 

  • The Police Department
  • The Fire Department
  • Public Works
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Damage assessment (Construction Official)
  • Public Information and Finance (Borough Manager)
  • Social Services
  • A Municipal Government representative (designated Council Member).

Emergencies beyond the capabilities of the Borough emergency organization requires coordination with the Burlington County Emergency Organization which can obtain State and Federal assistance.

Emergency Management Staff

The Medford Lakes Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) is Steven Heicklen, FF/EMT/EMC. He is assisted by Mark McIntosh who is the Deputy EMC. The Council Committee responsible for Public Safety and the Emergency Management function are Councilmen Fitzpatrick & Hanold.