Historic Preservation Commission


  • 7:30 p.m. 1st House
  • 1st Thursday of every month
  • Oaks Hall


On September 25, 1996, Borough Council adopted ordinance number 227 establishing the Lakes Historic District in the Borough of Medford Lakes. The Borough then created a commission to maintain and preserve the Historic District of Medford Lakes. The Commission's main purpose is to administer and review construction applications within the Lakes Historic District. This Commission consists of five regular members and can have up to two alternate members. The Historic Preservation Commission elects a Chairman and Vice Chairman from its members and selects a Secretary.

Construction Within the Historic District    

If your home is located in the historic district and you are planing renovations or new construction, you should meet with the Medford Lakes Construction Code Official at least a month prior to beginning construction to obtain a building permit. In the course of reviewing the proposed construction, the Construction Code Official will determine what, if any, aspects of your project require historic treatment. Aspects such as paint and roof colors, window treatments and sidings are all subject for historic review. 

The construction code official can make immediate determinations regarding color choices, however, other aspects of construction may require review by the Historic Preservation Commission prior to construction. The Construction Code Official can provide you with additional information regarding what is required to conform to the historic preservation requirements within the Historic District.

Historic Preservation Commission Review    

The Historic Preservation Commission meets on the first Thursday of each month in Oaks Hall. No advance public notice is required for Historic Commission review but you should make sure your matter is on the agenda for review 10 days in advance of the meeting. During the review you will be asked to provide evidence including sketches, photographs or product samples to demonstrate how your proposed construction will conform to the requirements of the Borough's Historic Preservation Ordinance.