Zoning Office Responsibilities

  • Review all building permits applications for Zoning compliance.
  • Investigate and prosecute all Zoning violations
  • Assist the public on procedures for filing Zoning variance applications.
  • Before you install/renovate a fence, shed or driveway please visit or call our Zoning Office.

Zoning Application (Print Version) HERE

Lot Coverage Worksheet (PDF Print Version) HERE

Lot Coverage Worksheet (Excel Form) HERE

*Please Note:  Payment must be presented for the zoning application to be completed and a permit issued.  We accept cash (in person only) or check made out to Medford Lakes Borough. We do not accept credit card payments for permits.


LR Lakes Residential, LC Lakes Commercial, LI Lakes Institutional, LQP Lakes Quasi-Public

LEC Lakes Environmental Conservation, LSR Lakes Suburban Reserve

LH Lakes Historic (overlay) 

New Zoning Ordinance 685 Short Term Rentals

Ord. 685 Short Term Rentals PDF

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